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Let's Talk Real Estate... And Stuff
Three colleagues turned friends getting together to talk the real estate news of the week
Let's Talk Real Estate... and stuff is three colleagues turned friends getting together to talk the news of the week.

Carlos is former wholesaling acquisition's manager turned software sales and solutions expert at InvestorFuse. He's an incredibly down to earth, deep thinking, habit tracking, and all around nice guy who networks with everyone in the Real Estate space.

Brandin has been actively doing real estate for 12 years. Started off as a deal analyzer, then real estate agent, then wholesaler and flipper. He's done it all, ridden several economic cycles, and now focuses on building an incredible remote team of rockstars.

John is a problem solver using products. He started out as one of the USA's first Podio Authorized Partners building systems for wholesalers. He went on to be the Co-Founder and CEO of InvestorFuse, where he builds software with a team of 10 employees to try and solve the problems of today's Real Estate Investors.

Together they form unique, sometimes funny but always passionate, opinions on real estate and the events of the week.

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